Philosophy / Investment Approach

Our Philosophy & Approach to Investment

Nate Millerbernd and his firm, Millerbernd Wealth Management, have been serving high net worth individuals, businesses and local families for over 24 years. The firm has evolved and has been carefully structured as an investment management firm designed to manage the assets of personal family and their closest friends. They have extended that same vision and care, and can utilize the platform and processes created, to all Millerbernd Wealth Management clients.  

Although the firm has experienced substantial growth, thanks to a constant flow of referrals, Nate and his team view success differently from the competition. Success is not measured in commissions, revenue or leaderboards. Success at Millerbernd Wealth Management is best defined as using the experience and industry knowledge acquired to form an investment firm that can act as a vehicle that not only helps clients achieve their goals most efficiently, but also helps them avoid the common pitfalls that exist in the investment industry today.